Swift Navigation Raises $2.6 Million For Its Ultra-Precise GPS System

Swift Navigation

GPS technology is all over these days — its incorporated with telephones, autos, and an expanding number of mechanical gadgets. In any case to date, GPS hasn't been exceptionally exact. Routine GPS modules have an exactness scope of around 15 feet, which is sufficient for directing you to an area however not the best in case you're building unmanned automatons. 

Quick Navigation would like to enhance that, with centimeter-exact GPS innovation that might be utilized for a much more extensive scope of uses. The organization has created a GPS module that takes a swing at a small amount of an expense of contending chips with the same correctness, which it trusts will be utilized as a part of various kinds of agribusiness, automatons, and development applications. 

To do thus, its brought $2.6 million up in financing to get its minimal effort GPS modules inserted into an entire cluster of new gadgets. That financing was headed by First Round Capital, with Fall Line Capital, Felicis Ventures, Kal Vepuri, Lemnos Labs, Qualcomm Ventures, and Vegastechfund additionally taking part. 

As per Swift Navigation CEO Tim Harris, its Piksi module was produced with minimal effort, off-the-rack parts, significance it costs substantially short of what contending items. What separates it is the product inside, which utilizes ongoing kinematic innovation to improve the accuracy of the GPS estimations. 

The greater part of that means a GPS chip that is the same size of existing modules, at 1.5″ x 1.5″ however significantly more exact. Keeping in mind exceptionally exact GPS chips are as of now accessible for up to $10,000, Swift Navigation makes and offers its chips for about $500. That may not be low enough to introduce in your cellular telephone, yet it could empower an entire bundle of new applications in agribusiness mechanization or automaton route. 

The organization first made its chip accessible through a Kickstarter fight a year ago, and from that point forward has done a couple of creation runs of its chips. Early supporters were generally UAV devotees — that is, people with automatons who need to make their route more exact. 

Presently, in any case, its seeing interest from various distinctive clients, including some Fortune 100 customers. As indicated by Harris, the chip could be utilized within an entire group of new fields where the engineering was awhile ago excessively costly, including computerized horticulture and mining. 

It's sold more around 1,000 modules to more than 300 clients, and is looking to build that significantly in the advancing months. The subsidizing will be utilized for employing and stretching its item offering, including a ruggedized adaptation of the chip which will be impendi

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