SwivelCard: A Paper USB Business Card With Full Analytics And Remote Access

A swivelCard is a premium paper business card that includes a USB drive--a smart business card.  It includes analytics and can be updated even after giving it out.

SwivelCard patented a system for turning regular paper into a USB drive. Now we've included this technology in a business card. When you own swivelCard, you own the premium business card on the market.

When you own swivelCard, you own the premium business card on the market.

  • Paper comes alive with embedded USB technology. Imagine giving your business card with pictures, videos, presentations, and websites for the recipient to interact with!
  • Analytics through a back-end software interface will allow you to access helpful information about your cards and how they are being used. 
  • You can edit the destination you've selected remotely. Remote access to your swivelCard gives you many opportunities to continue interacting with the card's recipient. With the back-end interface you'll be able to log in to your account and remotely make changes to the destination. Plus, this can be done individually for each specific card. Want that potential client to go to a list of testimonials instead of your standard video greeting? You can make that change on the fly after they've left with the card

SwivelCard Mini

These are the perfect way to test out this exciting technology if you aren't ready to buy a full box of swivelCards. These swivelCard-branded mini cards have the same functionality as a full swivelCard (analytics & remote access). Plus, they have a sticky pull off on the back.  Peel the tab and stick this mini card to anything you want.

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