Tesla Model S Software Update Brings iPhone Unlocking And Ignition Start

Tesla Model S

Tesla holders have been anticipating OS 6.0, a product overhaul for their vehicles, for some time now, yet its at long last taking off to vehicle managers, reports Electrek. The framework includes a bundle of new gimmicks for Model S vehicles, including another Calendar application for in-auto use, and huge upgrades to the Maps/Navigation programming. What's stunning (and astonishing) for iphone clients is that they can now open and begin their auto from their gadgets on the off chance that they overlook their physical key coxcomb at home. 

The redesign is yet an alternate sign of Tesla's dedication to future clients, as well as to existing vehicle managers. Musk declared simply a week ago that the Model S would get a guarantee augmentation for its drive train of limitless miles for up to eight years. Bringing real changes to the in-auto programming framework post-buy is an alternate deviation for the standard working method for vehicle managers, and giving them a chance to utilize their cell phones as remote access and remote starters is conventionally a costly post-retail update. 

Fundamentally Tesla needs to make these autos moderate for ink-stained hacks like myself detail. The new $35,000 Tesla Model 3 is currently official, yet its restricted extent makes it less engaging, and we need to hold up until 2017 for it to go on special. Until then, I figure I'll simply need to stay with jealousy.

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